Star Naming Gift Package for Hanukkah

Make the Holiday Special with a Unique, Personalized Gift

Looking for unique Hanukkah gifts? Name a Star can help you unwrap the 8 nights of Hanukkah with a special gift of their very own star.

Hanukkah gifts from Name a Star are the perfect way to tell special people that they’re the center of your universe. If you’re looking for a unique Hanukkah gift, you’ve come to the right place. Name a Star portfolios will please everyone on your list from kids, to men, to aunts and uncles.

In addition to receiving a star of their own, the Hanukkah star recipient gets a Name a Star package that includes a certificate of registration, star charts to find the star, and fascinating information on astronomy. You can even express your love by adding your own special message to the star certificate.

Give an eternal gift of the stars and be remembered with every glance at the night sky. Name a star after someone as a Hanukkah gift from Name a Star The Original Star Naming Service – Since 1978. Choose your package below and buy a star today for the ultimate Hanukkah gift.