Double Star Framed Package


Name a Star Double Stars are twin stars so close together that they appear to be a single star. The perfect gift for couples, lovers, siblings, and best friends. Great for Valentines, Weddings, and Anniversaries. Together forever in the heavens.

Includes Certificate of Registration in a classy frame.


You get a rare double star with the Name a Star Double Star Framed Package. A double star is twin stars that appear close together in the sky. Many double stars are bound together by gravity and share the same orbit. 
Couples, best friends, siblings, etc. can share a double star for all eternity. Name a star for your Valentine, then take them outside at night to see it.

Our Double Star Framed Package includes two identical beautiful certificates  and star charts to find your star. PLUS you also receive a THIRD certificate in a frame. The stylish, 9.5 by 12 inch black frame with glass cover is perfect for any occasion. It adds a classy touch to your unique star gift.

You get THREE identical Name a Star™ Certificates of Registration with the Double Star Framed Package. Two are bound in your Name a Star™ Portfolio and the other comes in the frame.

Each Certificate of Registration is customized to your request and displays the following information:

  • The exact Celestial Address of the double star in the heavens.
  • The name of the Constellation in which your star is found.
  • The name you give to your star.
  • The personal message or tribute you write. Sample Tributes can be found here.
  • The Date you choose to commemorate.
  • Your From Lines and/or Signature, which we can either print or leave blank for you to hand sign.

The Double Star Package includes a bound Portfolio with the following information:

  • Two identical Certificates of Registration. The Certificates of Registration is customized with a personal message or tribute you write.
  • Star Charts marked with the location of the star, so you can find your double star in the night sky.
  • A star chart showing the constellation in which the star is located along with the celestial address of the star.
  • A description of the Constellation including what it represents and who or what it was named for.
  • PLUS a THIRD Certificate of Registration in a frame.

The Valentines Double Star Package is $79.95 plus shipping.




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