Double Star Framed Package

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The Name a Star double star package allows you to name two stars that are close to each other in the sky. These twin stars are perfect for twins, best friends, newly weds, or couples during their anniversary.


This double star package comes with a ton of star goodies and information that everyone will love! This package includes:

  • Two certificates of registration.
  • Star charts marked with the location of the two stars.
  • A star chart that shows the constellation where your stars are located.
  • A description of the constellation, what it represents, and where the name comes from.
  • A third certificate in a 9.5” by 12” black frame.

This is a great star gift to get your significant other, best friend, twin children, or any other pair of two! The certificate includes fun information including the celestial address of your star, the constellation where your star is found, the name of your star, a personal message, the commemoration date, and a signature line. Shop our double star package today!

Sample Tributes can be found here.



2 reviews for Double Star Framed Package

  1. Lou Ann Prewett (verified owner)

    This company is very professional!! I made an error and they corrected it before I emailed them asking for a correction. They are more affordable than other similar websites. I highly recommend them.

  2. 时菁璠


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