Sample Tributes When You Gift A Star – Name A Star

At Name a Star, we can help you give a unique and meaningful gift. Our star packages allow you to personalize the gift for your family member, friend, or loved one. While naming a star after someone is a special gift on its own, you can also add a tribute or personal message. This could be something as simple as telling the person what they mean to you, writing a clever poem, or anything else that can make this star gift special. In case you need some assistance with your personal message, or need some ideas to get started, we have added some sample tributes! Feel free to use one of these as a starting point for your tribute message, or create a new and unique one!

Start by choosing the perfect Name a Star package from our collection of products for your friend or loved one. Once you pick a package, you can name a star and write a tribute that will be printed on the certificate for you to give to the recipient. The personalized message can be used to tell a spouse how much you love them, a friend how much they mean to you, wish someone a happy birthday, or tell your child that they are your world. Make it romantic, make it sweet, make it funny, and make it personal! No matter what you choose, this personal message is a great way to make this gift extra special and meaningful for your friend, family member, or loved one.


For As Long As This Star Shines Our Love Will Endure

To The One Star That Shines So Bright In My Eyes, I Give You This One In The Heavens

A Star Is The Closest Thing To Heaven I Can Give

The Stars Are Dim Compared To The Light That You Shine

For My Only Star In The Heavens And On Earth

Like The Stars, My Love For You Is Burning And Endless

You Deserve A Place In The Sky To Forever Call Your Own

I Always Wanted To Give You The Stars, I’ll Start With One.

Just Trying To Give Back Some Of The Brightness You Give To Me

As The Number Of Stars Is Innumerable, My Love Is Immeasurable

As The Stars Are Infinite, So Is Our Love

Wherever We Are We Will Always Have This Star

Billions Of Stars In The Sky But Only One Like You

To Be Loved By You Is Like Getting A Glimpse Of Heaven

Every Time I Get Lonely I Can Look Up And Know You Are Always There

Performance & Recognition

A Sparkling Performance Deserves A Sparkling Star

For A Star Performer!

Here’s To A Performance That Shines!

Climb High, Climb Far, Your Goal The Sky, Your Aim The Stars.

Cheers To A Real Star!

Just Trying To Give Back Some Of The Brightness You Have So Willingly Shared With Others.

For All That You Are And All That You Do.

Thank You For Helping Us Reach For The Stars.


You Light Up Our Family Like This Star Lights The Sky, Happy Birthday

Here Is One Of The Stars You Love So Much, Happy Birthday!

A Star Is Born!

Something Very Special For You On This Stellar Occasion!

To The Newest Star In The Heavens

Happy Birthday ______________, Shine On!

Here’s One Of The Many Stars Who Rejoiced The Day Of Your Birth!

Let Yourself Continue To Glow Irresistibly As You Have The Past ___ Years! Happy Birthday!

Hope This Star Stays As Bright As You On Your Very Special Day!

Let The Radiance Of This Star Shine On You And All You Love For Eternity.

Happy Birthday! Let Your Light Shine!

Anniversaries And Weddings

A Brilliant Star To A Brilliant Couple

Best Wishes For A Long And Happy Life Together

Congratulations! May Your Happiness Be As Eternal As Your Star.

May Your Relationship Last As Long As This Star

May This Star Shine Brightly Upon Us – Happy _______Anniversary

These Past ___ Years Have Been As Bright And Beautiful As Your Star.

This Little Star Symbolizes Our Togetherness, Not Only For The Past ____ Years But For The Future As Well

Together For Eternity


Our Friendship, Like The Stars, Grows Brighter Every Day

Shine Your Own Light. Dream Your Own Dreams. Listen To Your Own Heart. Follow Your Own Star.

Wherever You Go Whatever You Do, There Will Always Be A Star In The Sky From Me To You.

For Someone Who Deserves Star Treatment.

Here Is A Lucky Star For Someone Who Deserves For All Of Their Wishes And Dreams To Come True

To An Out Of This World Friend.