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Double stars are twin stars that are so close together in the night sky, they appear to be a single star and share a single astronomical address. This double star is the perfect gift for a couple, siblings, or best friends.


Our double start printed package is a great gift option for a loved one, your sibling, your best friend, or a couple on their anniversary. This Name a Star package comes with a bound portfolio that makes it a beautiful and meaningful gift.

The portfolio includes:

  • Two identical certificates of registration that includes a customized message or tribute.
  • Star chart that shows the location of your double stars, allowing you to find your stars in the night sky.
  • A star chart with the celestial address of your star and showing the constellation where your stars are.
  • Fun information about the constellation, what it represents, and what it was named after.

All of this information, along with the fun and personalized message on your certificates create a unique and wonderful gift for a loved one. The certificate of registration includes the celestial address of your star, the name of the constellation, the name you give your star, your personal message, the date you want to commemorate, and a line for your signature, which we can print your name on if you choose this option. If you are looking for a unique gift for your loved one, this printed double star package is a wonderful option!

3 reviews for Double Star Printed Package

  1. Sheila Blackwood (verified owner)

    Really cool.

  2. katherine Huembes


  3. Melissa Melfi

    Amazing and unforgettable memory to cherish

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