Name A Star For Someone Special

You can give a unique gift that will last a lifetime to someone special when you buy a Name a Star Gift Package from the original star naming service.

Buying a star allows you to give the perfect gift for any occasion, one that will be remembered with each glance at the stars.


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Name a Star In Memory Of

Name a Star Memorial Stars are dedicated in honor of your loved ones who have passed away. A Memorial Star is an extraordinarily powerful gift for the family. Keep memories alive with a simple glance to the heavens. The Memorial Star is placed in a constellation that is visible all year. Dedicate a star now.

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Buying a Star Name for Holidays & Special Occasions

You can buy a Name a Star gift and present it to friends, relatives, or loved ones for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other occasion. This is a special and unique gift that can be enjoyed every time you look up at the night sky.

What could be a more memorable gift than a star named for a loved one, someone special, or in honor of a holiday, achievement, special occasions, or to show your appreciation? Start planning your special gift today!

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Star Naming Gifts for Kids

Kids’ packages include a Cloud b Twilight buddy that projects star constellations onto the ceiling. Help your children relax and fall asleep with their very own star — the perfect night light! Honor the special child in your life with their own star. This is a gift that your child will cherish year after year. See our kids’ star packages now.

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I Want to Name a Star

It’s easy to name a star after someone special with Name a Star, the Original Star Naming Service Since 1978. Create a personalized star name and customize your star certificate. In a hurry? You can get an instant Name A Star certificate.

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