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Deluxe Framed Star Certificate Package

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Receive a printed, framed Certificate of Registration in addition to the star charts and other information included in the Custom Name a Star Package.


Product Description

Our Deluxe Framed Certificate Package includes all of the items in the Custom Package, such as a beautiful certificate  and star charts to find your star. PLUS you also receive a SECOND certificate in a frame. The stylish, 9.5 by 12 inch black frame with glass cover is perfect for any occasion. It adds a classy touch to your unique star gift.

You get TWO Name a Star™ Certificates of Registration with the Deluxe Framed Package. One is bound in your Name a Star™ Portfolio and the other comes in the frame.

Each Certificate of Registration is customized to your request and displays the following information:

  • The exact Celestial Address of the star in the night sky.
  • The name of the Constellation in which your star is found.
  • The name you give to your star.
  • The personal message or tribute you write. Sample Tributes can be found here.
  • The Date you choose to commemorate.
  • Your From Lines and/or Signature, which we can either print or leave blank for you to hand sign.

The Deluxe Package Includes:

A bound Portfolio with the following information in it.

  • A Certificate of Registration
  • Star charts marked with the location of your star, so you can find it in the night sky.
  • A star chart showing the constellation in which your star is located along with the celestial address of your star.
  • A description of the Constellation including what it represents and who or what it was named for.
  • PLUS a SECOND Certificate of Registration in a frame.

The Deluxe Name a Star Package™ is $69.95 plus shipping.

In a hurry?

Present an extra digital Name a Star Certificate while you are waiting for your package to arrive! Fast online delivery of the PDF Certificate to your e-mail address within 24 business hours.

Additional Information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12.125 x 2.75 x 13.375 in

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