Can I name a memorial star for a pet?

Pet Memorial Stars From Name a Star

Pet dog howling at the stars

Star Naming Gifts for Those Who have Lost a Pet

Pets are our best friends and loyal companions. We love them like a member of the family and grieve when we lose our fur baby. Animals are so important to us that 42 of the official 88 star constellations are animals. There are dog constellations like Canis Major and Canis Minor, plus a special one for hunting dogs, Canes Venatici. Cats are represented by Leo and Lynx. Horse lovers have Pegasus, the winged horse and Equuleus, the little horse.

Mesopotamian, Greek, and Roman mythologies include many interesting stories about the animal constellations. As far back as 4000 BCE, Mesopotamians identified Leo as the lion constellation. Many star gazers recognize the Big Dipper, which is part of a larger constellation called Ursa Major, or the Great Bear. Greeks and Romans regarded Canis Major as Orion’s hunting dog. Pegasus, the winged horse, was the magical companion of Zeus.

You can name a star after a pet to help a grieving friend or loved one remember their companion. No matter the type of fur baby you have, they are represented in our constellations and we can remember them every time we look up at the stars.

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