What Is An Annular Solar Eclipse?

An annular solar eclipse is coming on October 14. Get ready!  Learn about the annular eclipse that will cross from Oregon to Texas on October 14, 2023. A great skywatching opportunity before winter sets in. What is an annular solar eclipse?  An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, but does not completely cover the sun. Instead, the moon covers most of the sun, leaving its outer edge visible as a bright ring or “annulus” around the darkened moon. This ring is often called a “ring of fire”. An annular eclipse occurs when the moon is […]

Constellation Pegasus The Winged Horse Blog Post

Lurid Tales of Constellation Pegasus the Winged Horse  Join us as we learn the lurid tale of the constellation Pegasus the Winged Horse, which is one of the largest constellations in the sky.  Symbolism: Pegasus the Winged Horse  Mythology: In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a white winged horse that sprang from the neck of the Gorgon Medusa when Perseus beheaded her. Medusa was a beautiful young woman before she was turned into a monster by the goddess Athena after being caught being defiled by the sea god Poseidon in the goddess’ temple. Athena turned Medusa’s hair into snakes and made […]

Two Supermoons In August 2023 Blog Post

Don’t miss the supermoon tonight and another one at the end of the month. Learn about the celestial delights that await stargazers in August, including two supermoons and the Perseid Meteor shower.  As the warm days of summer transition into the cooler nights of August, the skies above offer a dazzling array of celestial treats for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts. This month brings with it a host of astronomical events, ranging from meteor showers to planetary displays, making it a perfect time to gaze at the wonders of the universe. So, grab your telescope or binoculars and mark your calendar, […]

The Stellar Birthday Gift That Lasts Forever Blog Post

  Birthday gift that lasts forever. As birthdays approach, finding the perfect gift that symbolizes love, appreciation, and uniqueness for our loved ones can be a challenging task. While the usual presents like gadgets, clothes, or accessories are always appreciated, there’s something extraordinary about giving a gift that reaches beyond this world – naming a star. Although one cannot physically own a star, this unique and heartfelt gesture of naming a star after someone is an eternal reminder of the special bond shared between the gift giver and the recipient. In this blog, we explore why naming a star is […]

Constellation Sagittarius The Archer Blog Post

  Constellation Sagittarius The Archer Join us on an epic journey as we unravel the secrets of the constellation Sagittarius, the half man, half horse centaur. Learn the mythology and science behind this August constellation. Symbolism: Sagittarius represents a centaur, which is a half human, half horse creature with the torso of a man aiming an arrow toward the heart of neighboring Scorpio, the scorpion.  Mythology:  There are two competing myths associated with Sagittarius.  One identifies this constellation not as a centaur but as the satyr, Crotus.  A satyr is a half-man, half-goat.  Crotus was the son of Pan (the […]

Father’s Day Astronomy Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up, and if your dad is a space enthusiast, you’re in luck! There are a variety of astronomy gifts that are sure to please him. Here are a few ideas: Unique gift: Surprise your father by naming a star after him. Telescope: This is a classic astronomy gift that is perfect for any dad who loves to stargaze. There are a variety of telescopes available, so you can find one that is the perfect fit for your dad’s needs and budget. Binoculars: Binoculars are another great option for dads who love to look up at the […]

Memorial Day Tribute: Naming a Star to Honor Loved Ones and Pets with Lasting Brilliance

Memorial Day Tribute: Naming Stars to Honor Loved Ones and Pets Forever Honoring departed loved ones and pets through heartfelt star-naming tributes. Stars symbolize eternal beauty and a connection to something greater. Create lasting tributes by associating stars with cherished individuals or companions. Memorial Day holds deep significance, a time to remember and honor the departed. Pay tribute to loved ones by naming stars, and forming personal links with the heavens. Star-naming aids in coping with grief and finding solace in the vast cosmos. Memorial Day serves as a collective remembrance, uniting communities in honoring legacies. Reflect on shared memories […]

Constellation Virgo

Look for the Constellation Virgo the Virgin in May and Learn Why She Symbolizes Fertility and the Changing of the Seasons Symbolism: Virgo the Virgin represented as a maiden holding a sheaf of wheat or ear of corn, symbolizing fertility and harvest. Learn more about the night sky at the Star and Space Blog. Mythology: Overall, the stories and legends associated with the constellation Virgo often focus on themes of fertility, agriculture, and the changing of the seasons: According to Greek mythology, the constellation Virgo represents the goddess Demeter, who was the goddess of agriculture, harvest, and fertility. Demeter was said […]

Stargazing In Chile

Chile is a paradise for stargazers of all ages and abilities. Learn about the 100 plus designated “dark sky” reserves and Name a Star’s newest licensee NombraunaEstrella.  Chile has some of the clearest and most breathtaking views of the night sky in the world. Located in the southern hemisphere, Chile offers a unique perspective on the cosmos, with constellations and celestial objects that are not visible from other parts of the globe. The Atacama Desert, located in northern Chile, is considered one of the best places on Earth for stargazing. Its dry, clear air and high altitude make for near-perfect […]

Stargazer Gift Guide For 2022

Find bargains for the perfect gift for the skywatcher or astronomer on your 2022 Holiday gift list. Check out the ideas below from Name a Star. Stargazers  from beginner to advanced and young to old. Know someone who is dreaming of becoming an astronaut, but currently a couch potato?  You could start that special person with a good pair of binoculars. If they are ready for a telescope, don’t waste your money on one that is difficult to assemble or too complicated. Here is a list of quality telescopes ranging from $100 to $2,000. Don’t be confused by terms like […]