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Could Sharks Live In Space?

Most schools are distance learning. Some are doing it right. Some leave a bit to be desired. To supplement their curriculum, here at Name a Star we put together a helpful guide for your budding astronomer or scientist. There is still plenty of summer weather left to get outside to enjoy the night sky, so round up your kiddos and take them outside tonight to have fun learning something new!

Would you like to know if sharks could live in space? Of course you do. Discover this and more from The Discovery Channel on TV and online. There is also serious content about astronomy and space. 

If you are a teacher or home schooling a child try this excellent web site to teach them about the solar system. You can find materials for all abilities and interests. NASA has a great website aimed at children ages 5 – 13.

For spectacular graphics and videos, check out National Geographic. You can go on a fun virtual tour of the solar system. Be careful. There are so many interesting links that you could get lost in the cosmos. Did you know that the first spacecraft to set mechanical feet on another planet landed on Venus. In the 1960s and ’70s, the former Soviet Union’s Venera probes plunged through the planet’s punishing atmosphere sending back data from its rocky surface. These early missions provided an important lesson: Venus, the brightest planet or star in the night sky, is like a massive pressure cooker on its surface.

The National Geographic site covers more than the solar system. You can also learn about black holes, galaxies, asteroids, and comets. Test yourself with a quiz too.

You can even boost your astronomy knowledge during your commute to and from work. Look for radio broadcasts from Earth Sky.

If you don’t have internet or cable, you can still learn about astronomy at home. All you need is an ordinary TV with an inexpensive antenna to pick up your local PBS station. The Nova programs will transport you to another world.

Have fun tonight and keep looking up!

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