Deluxe Framed Star-Naming Package


The deluxe framed star-naming package is a great gift for any occasion! Our deluxe package comes with two certificates, one of which is framed.



This deluxe framed star package is like our custom star-naming package with a classy touch! This package includes a framed certificate that makes displaying the star easy! Our deluxe star package includes:

  • A certificate of registration.
  • Star chart with the location of your star.
  • Star chart with the constellation where your star is located.
  • Description of the constellation and the story behind the name.
  • A second certificate in a frame.

All of the star documents come in a bound portfolio and the framed certificate comes in a 9.5” by 12” black frame that is stylish and beautiful. The certificates will be personalized with your star name, the celestial address, the name of the constellation, a personal message, the date you choose to commemorate, and a signature line, which we can print on or leave blank for you to sign. This is a unique gift that everyone will love!

In a hurry?

Present an extra digital Name a Star Certificate while you are waiting for your package to arrive! Fast online delivery of the PDF Certificate to your email address within 24 business hours.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12.125 × 2.75 × 13.375 in


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