Deluxe Framed Memorial Star Package


Our deluxe framed memorial star package is a special and unique gift that allows family members and friends to remember a loved one who has passed away.



This memorial package comes with a portfolio full of all of your star information, as well as a framed certificate. The portfolio includes:

  • A certificate of registration for your star.
  • Star charts with the location of your memorial star.
  • A star chart of the constellation where your star is located.
  • A description of the constellation and the story behind the name.

The bound portfolio and the framed star certificate make a very special gift that the family of a passed loved one will truly appreciate. They will always be able to see the memorial star in the night sky and know they are being watched over. The certificate includes the name of your star, the celestial address, the name of the constellation, a personal message, commemoration date, and a line for a signature. If you are looking for a unique way to remember a loved one, Name a Star memorial stars is a great choice.

Sample Tributes found here.


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