Personalized Stars

Personalized Stars for Unique Gift-Giving

Name a Star for That Special Someone

Name a Star, the original star naming service, has been helping customers buy a star and register star names since 1978. We guarantee customer satisfaction and have a reputation for reliable service. With Name a Star, it’s fast and easy to give a unique gift that lasts for eternity.

Name a star registers your star names in the Name a Star Record Book©, which is listed with the United States Copyright Office. The Name a Star Record Book© is updated and published periodically.

Name a Star offers a way for you to show your love and respect to others by assigning the names of friends and loved ones to stars–stars that are otherwise just listed as numbers in scientific catalogs.

Customize the star certificate with a personal message or tribute. You can also personalize the star gift by choosing the constellation and adding your signature.

In a hurry? Add an instant certificate to your Standard or Deluxe Package for immediate download, while waiting for your package to arrive. Get started by personalizing a star package below.