Sample Tributes When You Gift A Memorial Star – Name A Star


A Star For All Eternity – You Will Always Be In Our Hearts

A Star For All Eternity – In Loving Memory

Every Time We Look At Your Star We Will Remember Your Smile

For _____ Whose Memory Is As Lasting As The Stars

For The Light And Love You Have Brought Into Our Lives

Our Guardian Angel On Earth, Now Watching Over Us In The Heavens

Too Good For Earth You Now Reside In The Heavens

You Were The Light Of Our Lives, The Gleam In Our Eyes, And Now You Light Up The Night Sky

Forever In Our Hearts And Minds, And Now The Sky

A Look Up Into The Night Will Always Bring Sweet Remembrance

Forever And Never To Be Forgotten

A Star On Earth And The Universe

Shine Bright In The Sky As You Did Here On Earth

You’ll Always Be Our Guiding Light

_____ Was Able To Shine On Earth For Only A Short While. But Her Memory Will Twinkle Eternally In The Sky.

Whenever You Need Me, Just Look Up At My Star.

Whenever We Look Up Into The Sky, We Know He Will Always Be There.

Just Like A Star You Will Shine Forever In Our Hearts And Memories.

Shine Bright In Heaven As You Did On Earth. We Miss You.