Record Book for Stars Named Since 1978

Each Unique Star Tracked in Name a Star’s Ongoing Database

Volume 6 covering stars named through December 15, 2014 is now available! It contains over 900 pages/13MB

Remember that beautiful Name a Star Certificate of Registration that you got for a friend or loved one?

Now you can get a PDF Version of the Name a Star Record Book with your star name in it for only $14.95 and FREE DELIVERY INSTANTLY ONLINE!

The official Name a Star Record Book Volume 5 is now available.

With the Name a Star Record Book you will be able to;

  • Find your star in this fascinating star catalog.
  • See who else has their own star.
  • Get star charts to find your constellation anytime of the year.
  • Learn how to print a FREE PHOTO of your star.
  • Download FREE ASTRONOMY software to view your star.

Name a Star™ has just published the most recent version of the Name a Star Record Book©.

This is the perfect gift for the person who you named a star for. Now they can see their star in the official Name a Star Record Book© along with other star names. In addition to a catalog of star names the Name a Star Record Book© is packed with other useful information. There are hemisphere charts for every month of the year, so you can find your constellation in the night sky any time. The book also includes simple instructions for printing a free photo of your star. You also get a link to free astronomy software that takes you on a tour of the sky that leads directly to your star. The Name a Star Record Book© is available in electronic format, so you can find your star quickly. Just click on the included links to print your free star photo and download free astronomy software.

What a great Holiday gift to remember that special person.

Download Adobe Reader for PDF files here.